California Burn Injury Attorneys


Do you have a burn injury case?

Burn injuries can sometimes be caused at home or work due to some avoidable condition, such as a product defect, flammable product, carelessness of another, failure to maintain, or lack of safety measures. If you have been severely burned due to one of these conditions, you may have the right to bring a legal claim for your burn injuries.  You are entitled to receive compensation for your medical bills, future care, scarring, disfigurement, nerve damage, and pain and suffering.

What can we do for you?

Burn injuries often devastating as they can result in physical disfigurement and may require skin grafts and other surgical interventions. Victims of burns are often left with lifetime reminders of their experience in form of both physical and mental scars and have to endure embarrassment, shame, and ridicule from others. The NSL Law Firm’s attorneys have years of experience in dealing with burn injury victims and are very sensitive to their needs.

The burn injury attorneys at NSL Law Firm take burn injuries very seriously and we have obtained many 6 and 7 figure results for our clients in these types of cases. We utilize the best experts, dermatologists, plastics surgeons and other medical professionals to present your case. You can trust that we will do everything we can do maximize your recovery.

Our burn injury attorneys have achieved the following results in some of the burn injury cases we have handled:

  • Obtained $850,000 settlement for individual who was severely burned by a defective portable heater.
  • Obtained $450,000 settlement for individual who was substantially burned by a defective cell phone charger.
  • Obtained $150,000 settlement for individual who suffered chemical burn on his head from hair salon treatment.

What can you do?

The NSL Law Firm is currently representing individuals who have suffered severe burns (2nd or 3rd degree) to any part of their body.  We will represent you at no cost unless you win.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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