California Workplace Harassment Attorneys

Are you an employee that is being harassed by your employer?   Is this creating a hostile work environment for you?  Do you feel that you are being harassed because of your:

  • Race / Color
  • Religion
  • National Origin/Ancestry
  • Physical Disability
  • Mental Disability or Medical Condition
  • Marital Status
  • Sex / Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Age (if over 40)
  • Pregnancy

You deserve compensation for being illegally harassed.  However, each case is different and must be evaluated by a professional.   Also, there are specific time limits as to when a harassment lawsuit can be filed.  Call our office or fill out the contact form for a free consultation with one of our experienced labor and employment law attorneys.

Harassment FAQ:

Q:    My boss likes to scream and curse at me during work hours, creating a hostile work environment.   Do I have a case?

A:    It largely depends on your boss’ motivation.   There is a big difference between a “hostile work environment” in the conventional sense and a “hostile work environment” in the legal sense.   Unfortunately, you cannot sue someone simply for being an incredibly unpleasant person to work for!   Call us and one of our experienced attorneys will provide a free consultation.

Q:    I complained to Human Resources about my supervisor’s sexual advances, and they didn’t do anything.  What do I do?

A:    Your HR Department is required by law to take all reasonable steps necessary to prevent harassment from occurring.    You may want to make another complaint to your HR department in writing that the harassment is continuing, and contact us for a free consultation!

“Disclaimer: The above is presented for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice. Every case has its own set of facts and needs to be evaluated individually. NSL Law Firm cannot guarantee the outcome of any case or claim. In order to receive professional legal advice, you must contact an attorney.”