Products Liability Attorneys

What is a Products Liability Case or Product Lawsuit?

If you or your child has been injured by a defective product, whether it be a toy, food, drug, vehicle, machine or any other product, you may be entitled to bring a products liability claim or product lawsuit to receive compensation for your physical, psychological, and/or economic injuries. The products liability attorneys at the NSL law firm have decades of experience handling all types of products liability claims and product lawsuits.

Many times defective or dangerous products are recalled by the manufacturer, either voluntarily or by order of a government entity such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Food and Drug Administration, or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If you or your child have been injured by such a defective product, you may have a very strong case against the manufacturer, distributor, and/or seller of that product. You can check for recent recalls issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission here, by the Food and Drug Administration here and by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration here.

What are the Types of Product Liability Cases or Product Lawsuits?

Failure to Warn – If a product does not contain adequate safety warnings or instructions, the manufacturer, distributor and/or seller may be held liable for failing to adequately warn a consumer.

Design Defect – If the design of a product is unreasonably dangerous or unsafe, the manufacturer, distributor and/or seller may be held liable for such a design defect.

Manufacturing Defect – If the product contains a defect that occurred during the manufacturing or assembly process, the manufacturer, distributor and/or seller may be held liable for such a manufacturing defect.

What Can We Do For You?

Under the law, if you or your loved one are harmed by a defective product, the manufacturer, distributor and/or seller of that product are strictly liable to you, i.e. they are automatically held responsible as long as that product did not reasonably perform as it should have and it was not misused by the user.

The products liability attorneys at the NSL Law Firm have the required specialized knowledge and technical expertise to handle a products liability case or product lawsuit and employ the best experts around the country to help evaluate your case.

Our products liability attorneys have achieved the following results in some of the products liability cases and product lawsuits we have handled:

  • Obtained $1,850,000 settlement for family of young man who died when his seatbelt failed to lock during a rollover accident.
  • Obtained $1,100,000 settlement for individual who was prescribed Fhen-Phen and suffered severe complications.
  • Obtained $1,000,000 settlement for individual against restaurant where he suffered food poisoning which resulted in Guillain Barre Syndrome.
  • Obtained $650,000 settlement for 7 year old girl who lost her eye when a defective airbag struck her face.

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